Hello! Welcome to my page. Thanks for wanting to learn more about me. If you can’t tell from the logo in the left hand corner, my name is Natalie Gintert. I like to think of myself as a wannabe creative type with my head in the clouds. I say “wannabe” mostly because I am interested in everything from painting, music, and fashion to writing, marketing, and web design. I graduated from Kent State in 2010 with a Bachelors of Science in Electronic Media Productions. About 6 months after graduating, I landed a job at the John Glenn College of Public Affairs at The Ohio State University and I’ve been there ever since.  At the Glenn, I work on various training programs targeting mid-career professionals in the public and non profit sector. You can find more information about my work history on my resume located on the home page.

In the fall of 2016 I enrolled in the Masters of Learning Technologies program at The Ohio State University.  I applied thinking that the program would be a good combination of my educational background and my work experience.  I was right!  I worked on so many interesting projects while I received my degree and presented at numerous conferences including OSU Innovate and the Association for Educational Communication & Technology. I successfully graduated in the Spring of 2018.

In my spare time, I like to feed my creative side by taking classes at OSU outside of my degree or anywhere I can find something. I’ve dabbled in print making, pottery, photography, graphic design, dancing, and most recently web design. My goal is to learn as much as I can. I also like to spend time with my Boston Terrier Diego.