In the spring 2017 semester, I completed Applied Instruction Design with Dr. Ana Corria-Paula. In that course, I had the opportunity to redesign a week of instruction in the online course Evidence-Based Practices in Innovation (EBP) for the College of Nursing’s Masters in Healthcare Innovation program. My teammates for the redesign included Tim Nunn, Anna Leach, Myself (Natalie Gintert) and Cara North or as we like to call ourselves Team TANC. Throughout the Applied Instructional Design course, we worked on revising content for the second week of instruction in the 15-week course titled Identifying Evidence-Based Practice Problems. 

Original Video

This image is an example of my work. The image includes a slide that states ‘Identifying EBP Problems’
Please contact me if you would like to see the original video.

The main piece of content in the original module was a 34 minute recorder powerpoint lecture. The team found the video to contain valuable information that students needed to know, but struggled with the length of the video and the distractions from the lecture (the instructor had a fair amount  of ‘umms’, ‘those things’, coughing and a phone call through), and the questions or quizzing that did not provide any information to students or instructors since the video was already recorded. So, we decided to edit the video to remove the distractions and the original quizzes, and chunk out the content into shorter cohesive segments that included a knowledge check that would be more useful to the instructor to see if students were understanding the content. The video was edited using iMovie and uploaded to Edpuzzle for quizzing.

Edited Vidoes

For the same project, I created an infographic for the students to be able to have a printable reminder of what a clinical question is.  The below infographic was created using